Hi ladies, I didn’t ask Brenna the questions that we discussed about the funds, but I did look back at old emails and they answered our questions!! If I’m not mistaken (if I read the email correctly) then all funds go to the senior class treasurer and deposited in the Clinical Research Account.  I am also on the treasury committee and it looks like they do alot with the fundraising for the program both junior and senior classes.  Brenna did say that the senior officers were thinking about an informal dinner for all the officers on Monday, November 1st, but she will let us know for sure.  See yall soon!! (I hope I did this right:/)

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2 Responses to fundraising

  1. clr2012 says:

    Hey Maggie,

    Thank you for providing feedback. We did have our meeting and I have some information for you along with a packet that Ashley made for the Junior Class Officers. Janine and I have some great ideas that we are working on. I like your idea about the bake sales. I will assist you in anyway I can and I will definitely make some awesome brownies! I look forward to collaborating with you at our next meeting, November 29, 2010 at 7pm.

    See you there!

  2. clr2012 says:

    Hi ladies, sorry t has taken me so long to post to the blog. Busy semester, I am sure we are all feeling it. I re-read the bylaws and and went through the other information that Ashley sent. I am sorry that I could not make it to the meeting on the first.
    I am still unsure what we are raising money for, aside from the plaques. My boyfriend said that before we approach his company for any sponsorship of any type we have to be able to delineate what purpose the money will server.
    I also talked to Angie from my yoga class that works in the social department at PPD. She is going to update me with any type of volunteering or networking opportunities that she thinks we can be involved in.
    I also wanted to know if we are going to do the bowling social Maggie suggested? I think it may be a great idea for an end of semester celebration.
    See you ladies in a couple weeks!

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